Connecting Leaders to their identity and purpose

Let’s create organizations everyone wants to work for!

The what

Surrender Network is a consulting firm made up of high capacity + high character guides, coaches, and consultants looking to champion health in the life of your organization.

Our philosophy extends beyond the confines of boardrooms and spreads into the very fabric of society. We believe that healthy individuals are the building blocks of healthy families, and healthy families form the cornerstone of resilient teams. These teams, in turn, compose the vital framework of thriving organizations and communities.

At the heart of Surrender Network’s ethos is a profound commitment to guiding leaders and companies toward a deeper understanding of their core identity and purpose. We firmly believe that an organization is at its best when it cultivates the health and vitality of its people.

Who we are

Edy Herrera - Lead

Edy Herrera is the lead at Surrender Network.  His role is to connect with community leaders who desire to bring health to their organization.  Serving as a coach at the C-Suite level and leading the team that does the training with managers and emerging leaders.


When Edy is not deep in the work, he is hanging out with his wife Nikki and kids either at the beach or in the mountains.  Fatherhood, brotherhood, and friendship is his center of gravity!

Jon Slender - Coach

Jon Slenker serves as a coach to the Managers and Emerging leaders.  Jon sits on the board of Mission Coalition International and has served as a pastor, church planter, and missionary and remains a recognized servant leader in his community. Jon has always been a player/coach. He has coached and inspired thousands of athletes from multi-season teams to every grade level in athletic and leadership camps.  He is known on our team for his interest in people, and the ability to walk with them through pits of despair and into health.


Nikki Herrera - Intensive Coach

Nikki Herrera serves as our intensive coach for women leaders at every level.  She comes with 15 years of Nursing and medical experience.  She serves as part of Samaritan’s Purse D.A.R.T. team which deploys all over the world in times of need.  She is known for her intuitive questions and kindness on our team.

The How

We use GiANT tools and operating systems to bring transformation. GiANT exists to equip experts, leveraging their technology, to unlock people.

We take these tools and put them in your hands, showing you how to become your best. We do this through one-on-one, group, and peer sessions. 

Join us on this transformative journey, where the interplay of identity, purpose, and health converges to create a harmonious blend of prosperous individuals, thriving families, resilient teams, and flourishing communities. Together, we build a brighter future, one strengthened connection at a time.

Surrender Network

Connecting Leaders to their Identity and Purpose